Dear Doctor

Your hair grow is great.  It works wonderful.  Since using it I have a lot of new growth and my hair is getting thicker.

Thank you very much for sending it to me. 

Love and God Bless You.

Yours truly, Gertrude

Doctor Wilson

I highly recommend your herbal hair grow to anyone that is interested in regrowing their hair.  My husband and I see great results from using your herbal hair grow.  As a mature woman, I had bald spots and thinning hair.  And my husband had male pattern baldness, and notice, I did say had.  But thanks to the herbal hair grow, those spots now have hair and ... have filled in.

Signed J.W., regular user

Dear Dr. L

I am pleased to inform you of the success I had and am now having with your hair growth product.  My hair is thicker and now pass my shoulders.  I have new growth at the temple also.  

My husband wanted you to know that your other products ..... work great as well.

 Faye B,

Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Ms. Wilson

I met you at a health fair back in November 2010 and had no hair.  You suggested that because I had peach fuzz, I would be a good candidate to use your hair grow ointment.  Now, about 1 year later I have nearly a full head of hair.  It is soft but covers my head and is all my own.  I continue to use the product about twice a week now to maintain its growth.  

Thank you for this product.

Fred H., Newport News, Va.

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