Our History

Independently owned, we have been in business selling herbally safe and effective hair care products since 1997.  The primary owner is a pharmacist, 36 years, and a former research chemists in product development.  Having started a radio program, The Drug Doctor, around 1998 several listeners would call asking for help on different personal issues.  One of the most compelling was an older women, who had bought her health from near death to knock dead gorgeous, using herbals products but who had loss her hair in the process.  Fate showed me how to help her.

Our Staff

Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, the staff at The Drug Doctor is what truly makes our day company spectacular. Each person has a distinct set of skills and a personality that suits our outlook and our clients. Because we are diverse, we are able to accommodate you with the right answers and the utmost confidence in your successful regrowth of your hair. Your money and your time will not be wasted with the use of these products.  The solution and ointment work independently of the other products and can be used alone.  Products guaranteed or refund!

Give Us A Chance

If your hair is thin & roots showing, there is no doubt that you have already tried several products.  They did not work, worked just a little, or were too messy or oily to suit your daily lifestyle.  We have a solution which feels sleek and smooth on  straight hair styles or braids which hold product and ointments for the naturalist.  Try it. You'll like it.



Heaven Sent Hair Grow Solution was one of the first created and sold, under provisional patent in 1998, right after the mechanism of hair loss was discovered and published in different medical and pharmaceutical journals.  As an herbalist, pharmacist, former research chemist, professor of pharmacy, and community health speaker giving lectures on the effects and treatment of many issues, including prostrate enlargement, it became apparent that the mechanism of hair loss was very similar to the cause of prostrate enlargement.  Herbal treatment for prostrate enlargement was already in place.  It involved blocking the conversion of testosterone (which we all have, male and female) to dihydro-testosterone, a hormone that it toxic to the prostrate cells and it turns out, also toxic to the follicles of the hair in our scalps.

     Now we know an important secret.  The hair of the scalp, especially the crown areas, is damaged by the production of dihydrotestosterone.  The problem:  if we can block the formation of this chemical then the hair follicles can heal and, hopefully, produce new hair cells and hair growth.  Serenoa repens had been in use to stop this process in male prostrate issues.  The American Indian had mentioned hair growth seen as a

by product of this herbs use, however, it was never used as a popular item for this purpose.

     Once anything is eaten or medicine taken by mouth it is changed and broken down by the saliva, stomach, intestine and once absorbed, the liver and other systems of the body.  That means that the chemistry of the original product or herb is changed in part or in total.  In the case of serenoa repens it seemed logical that a topical application (applied right on the scalp) of this herb would avoid any breakdown by the body and would prove most active in its pure form.

     Wanting to help a beautiful lady who had suffered almost  total hair loss, I opened the capsules and mixed it into ointment for topical application.  My family seeing this immediately grabbed up the extra bottles and took it to their friends.  Within two weeks, reports came in of both men and women experiencing hair regrowth, some extensive overall growth and others with growth in just spots.  This was a beginners effort that worked.  With some refinement, a provisional patent was applied for and received in 1998.

     Since then, much more has been discovered about the power of herbs in hair growth.  In our products each ingredient has been carefully studied and found to aid in hair growth.  In addition, with the desire for all natural products, we have heard our customers and have created 100% natural products in every category.  HEAVEN SENT HAIR GROW ELIXIR, HEAVEN SENT HAIR BUTTER, HEAVEN SENT HAIR SHAMPOO AND HEAVEN SENT HAIR CONDITIONER ARE ALL NOW 100% NATURAL.  The Heaven Sent Hair Grow Solution has the original base for very straight hair that may prefer the propylene/alcohol base used in minoxidil (originally Rogaine).

     We are very concerned about our customers and their needs!  We very much want you to contact us and let us know what you think.  We are very excited to offer you all natural products which will enhance your hair growing experience.  No one grows loss hair back 100% but we guarantee you the very best results possible or your money back.  You'll discover most of these new products are copycats of our original.


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