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We are here to help you regrow your hair.  Most hair loss is due to hormonal changes that occur with health and with age.  Our products are designed to inhibit the chemicals that destroy hair follicles and prevent the growth of healthy hair.  Visit the blog page and learn about male pattern hair loss and its causes.  Discover our full line of products which have help many regrow thick, natural hair.
     We also have a variety of herbal based products offered for your health.  There is muscle rub, eczema cream, shingles ointment, cough/immune booster syrup, love potion, male and female tonics, anti fungal creams and many other items to explore.
     Very exciting is the second edition is my book 
"Secrets of the Male E" which was first sold locally in 1985.  It has been updated with the new information of the day telling men and women the many options available to improve the male erection and of new developments in male performance and sexual safety.

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